E-commerce marketeer

In close contact with the management team we always developed platform with optimal SEO and smart notification strategies that strengthens the relationship with the users and keeps them in the loop. Just a welcome e-mail is not enough to keep users engaged.

Verhuisdieren · 2017 — 2022

One of the main projects was Verhuisdieren, with 4 million pageviews a month and sending out 40K e-mails a day with new matches for owners looking for a new pet. With a daily signup of +/- 300 users a day we improved the follow-up of notifications to inform, engage and let them know about the good cause of animal shelters.

Setup and execution of marketing campagnes for multiple organisaties with the use of MailChimp, SendGrid, Klaviyo and HubSpot with personalized dynamic content and Call to actions with responsive mail templates.