Frontend developer

Experienced with CSS frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstrap, Foundation to deliver static templates in Blade, Twig, Smarty, Markdown/MDX. Created custom branded themes and interactive prototypes for further explorations and research testing. Likes working with NPM, Vite, Mix, Gulp, Grunt, SCSS.

KNWU & Triathlonbond · April 2019 — March 2022

Developed all the frontend scaffolding with HTML/Vue components for the sport federation platforms. Based on the developed Design System we created reusable Laravel components. With custom based Bootstrap styling custom theming for the cycling and triathlon federation was setup to use the different branding colors and fonts.

Con Amore · October 2022 — January 2023

Developed the static templates with the use of the latest Tailwind framework. Developed all the templates for the new onboarding section and courses page for the therapeutic organisation Con Amore. The new templates gives the user a concise summary of their courses and training products.