WordPress developer

As a WordPress specialist, I bring extensive experience in custom fields, Gutenberg integration, Gravity Forms and custom plugin development for API. I excel at building dynamic websites by leveraging flexible blocks, implementing custom forms with Stripe integration.

YAS Micro insurance · April 2019 — March 2022

For the new micro insurance service of YAS I developed a Partner & Events WordPress platform for partners to insure clients with a registration or payment form. With OTP (One Time Password) users can verify their account and register for a limited insurance for their cycling. With a API connection all the data is live synced into the YAS insurance database for legal purposes.

AfasieNet · October 2017 — January 2023

Designed and developed the WordPress website for the foundation AfasieNet, the place for everyone in Netherlands that wants to know about Aphasia or has to deal with it. AfasieNet is a platform dedicated to supporting people with aphasia, a communication disorder typically caused by brain injury or stroke. The organization aims to improve the quality of life for individuals living with aphasia, as well as their families and caregivers.

Abeco · June 2023 — July 2023

Development of the corporate website for the cleaning products wholesaler Abeco, with integration of WhatsApp, Exact Order Portal and LaPosta newsletter. With the personal touch, a small dedicated team Abeco helps companies with all their cleaning and service needs.