of current and past constructive experiences in the last 5 years building in small teams or as an freelance constructor.

Freelance project manager

Projectmanagement · Code050 · October 2023 — April 2024

Code050 is a software company catering to a wide array of clients, including startups and (semi-)governmental organizations. They specialize in custom software solutions, jumping into automation processes to deliver what their clients need right now. For 6 months I helped the company forming a strategy, branding their website and responsible for the project management of the projects.

  • Strategy & branding based on the strengths of the team

  • Project management of 8+ projects

  • Improving development guidelines for a more future proof company

  • Guidance and education of new team members

Projectmanagement · KNWU · 2019 — 2022

Over the past years, I have served as a project manager, overseeing and successfully managing the migration process for the sports associations. Within one month of the launch, 5 partners have joined, with over 900 registrations for one or more sports activities.

Key focal points during this process included support from the supplier, the degree of interchangeability, and the existing financial systems. These factors played a crucial role in the successful transition of 150,000 users to the new "MijnKNWU & mijnTriathlonNL."

My background is in Business Informatics and Business Administration. This enables me to quickly grasp technology, engage in discussions with developers, and translate it for decision-makers, and visualize it when necessary.

It all began with a comprehensive visualization of the users and all the necessary steps to complete this project. More detailed information about this project can be found on the following page.

Business Developer

I enjoy working in teams, rolling up my sleeves together with my colleagues to tackle hard challenges and consulting on problems in the field of software and services.

I believe in the power of collaboration and excel at inspiring people as an enthusiastic go-getter. I have a keen eye for social dynamics and can easily engage in discussions at both technical and strategic levels. I thrive on hard work and perform exceptionally well under pressure.

Business Development · YAS Micro Insurance · March 2023 — March 2024

YAS is a startup in Malaysia that focuses on insuring activities. YAS has asked Sander to establish a new service for athletes. After conducting a competitive analysis, Sander has created a business case with a new service design to design and transfer all touchpoints. With the realised Partner & Events platform, YAS partners can create a landing page to handle event registration, payment, and insurance. Key responsibilities include

  • Developing a business case for a new online insurance service

  • Establishing a service design template for organisational impact and alignment with current services

  • Project management and execution of the CTO role

  • Reporting on campaigns after 6 months for YAS management.

Within one month of the launch, 5 partners have joined, with over 900 registrations for one or more sports activities.

Business Development · Spottery · February 2022 — July 2023

Sander has been tasked with assessing and elevating Spottery's current online service for Spottery (a card through your mailbox based on your housing preferences) to a higher professional level. With structured tasks, a new proposition, and communication strategy, Spottery is ready for the next step in connecting home seekers and property owners without the need for a real estate agent

  • Testing and baseline measurement of the web application

  • Analyzing the current situation of user flows, target audiences, and expectation management

  • Acting as an external CTO to provide technical leadership and guidance.

Projectmanager & Business Developer · 2017 — 2022

The Verhuisdieren foundation provides a platform for finding a new pet or a new home for your pet. In 2017, the foundation was in search of a reliable new partner to redesign the platform and, most importantly, enhance the user experience based on internal research findings.

  • Analysis of the current technical state and expansion opportunities for online services.

  • Designing improvements using business model generation, empathy path models, and service design touchpoints.

  • Project management of developments and platform enhancements.

  • Improved user experience through the introduction of an email design system for the 21 email notifications with dynamic content and Call to Actions.

The new website went live in 2019, and now more than 1,000 animals are rehomed monthly (with an annual growth rate of 24%). The website was nominated for Website of the Year in 2019 and attracts over 4 million monthly visitors.

UX/UI designer

With a keen eye on details and a business background with a focus on strategy and innovation I design apps and web apps that gives users value and incorporates the vision of the organisation.

Spottery · February 2023 — Present

Startup for finding your new home, without a realtor. Designed a new user flow in Figma focused on creating a profile for your home wishes and receiving new matches based on your preferences. The mobile prototype created in Figma is currently in development.

Fynders · July 2022 — February 2023

Designed the complete web app for a startup Fynders, which helps you finding the right answer or job. Helping others with the right answers and supporting good causes with micropayments via a Stripe integration. Designed and prototyped in Figma based on the Tailwind CSS framework and using the tool Zeplin for the handoff. · November 2022 — January 2023

Executed a redesign for the recipes website The website is owned by Superunie, a cooperation of multiple supermarkets concepts like Poeisz, Coop, Boni, Sligro, etc. With a focus on the onboarding of new users by improving the registration, verification message and helpful notifications. Designed in Sketch and using the existing branding.

Mobility Service Nederland · June 2023 — October 2023

Based on the new branding I designed a new Figma Design System based on the Bootstrap CSS framework for the e-commerce electric leasing website A innovative player with an passionated team with full focus towards durable mobility solutions. The configurator has nice interactions and gives the feedback with the right tone of voice. · 2017 — 2022

Design of the Laravel web app for the marketplace Verhuisdieren in Sketch, a platform that helps people finding new homes for their pets with custom matching, handy questionnaires and enough information to guide existing and new pet owners. Because getting a pet isn't a choice made in a day, we try to inform potential owners with the risks and challenges of have a pet.

Web designer

I help small and medium-sized companies with appealing landing pages and constructive web designs based on components. Designing in Figma and Framer.

YAS Micro insurance · February 2023 — June 2023

Did the web design for the micro insurance firm YAS, with the Gutenberg editor in WordPress the team can reuse existing blocks and setup landingspages within minutes.

Racedirector · March 2023

Based on the branding of the new startup Racedirector (an online timing platform for cycling events) I designed the marketing landingspages, small widgets and UI nuggets to give visitors a broad overview of the inner works of the company.

Gangmaker · 2018

Web design for the private chef for home dinners and premium BBQ workshops with the Big Green Egg.

Email designer and developer

Designed and developed responsive email templates with a focus on the call to action based on the type of onboarding, system or transactional notification. Experienced with MJML, MailChimp, HubSpot, SendGrid and Klaviyo platforms with API synchronisation and dynamic content.

Check · February 2023 — June 2023

Last year I designed and developed standalone email templates for Check, a scooter ride rental platform based in Amsterdam with more than 400.000 users in Europe. I designed all the email templates in Figma and built a reusable components library for the different messages: transactional, system, marketing and dark modes.

Verhuisdieren · 2017 — 2022

For the platform Verhuisdieren I developed the email templates in Laravel with dynamic content and ensuring the best delivery possible via the e-mail provider SendGrid. The platform sends around 40.000 mails a day with new matches for future pet owners.

iMailingtool iWink · 2008 – 2011

Managing the development of iMailingtool, the professional tool for email marketing. In my role, I collaborate with a multidisciplinary team and handle communication with existing customers. I custom made email templates with HTML tables ensuring a near to perfect impression in e-mail programs like Outlook.

Brand Designer

Design of all brand related outings for creating the right impact and supporting their vision and reaching goals. With a focus on startups and E-commerce designing branding guides for optimal use online interacting with their audience.


Fynders · A startup that helps people finding the right answer.

Complies · A B2B IT supplier of hardware and software peripherals.

Gangmaker · Branding of a high end private home chef.

Design system designer

I bring a deep understanding of design principles and a mastery of Figma's robust features to the table. With a meticulous eye for detail, effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, and the ability to deliver polished designs and prototypes. For handoff in Zeplin or online documentation tools like Storybook.

KNWU & Triathlonbond · April 2019 — March 2022

Two design systems have been designed and developer for KNWU (Royal Dutch Cycling Union) and NTB (Dutch Triathlon Federation) for "MijnKNWU" and "mijntriathlonNL" respectively. Within the (my) environment, athletes can increasingly manage various aspects on their own. The My Environment is a service that allows all core tasks of the sports federation to be executed, catering to volunteers and top athletes alike.

Mobility Service Nederland · 2008 – 2011

Based on the designs provided by Waai, I conducted a redesign of the current components of and all the 7 different e-commerce websites. This includes implementing live validation, creating neat forms with explanations, and ensuring a smooth flow for visitors. Mobility Service Nederland encompasses multiple branches of service. As a result, the design system is tailored to provide form and color to all 7 branches: operational lease, shortlease, electric lease, import lease, financial lease and commercial vehicles lease.

Pitch deck and presentation designer

With a business background with a focus on strategy and innovation I am the perfect person for interpreting data and visualizing goals to potential stakeholders or customers.


Design of Master Layouts and templates as a starter to empower people with the right tools and examples to inform and persuade your audience.

UX researcher

From starting Konstruktiv in 2014 I try to take a deep dive into the industry and analyse trends, pitfalls and synthesize my findings and propose challenges to get more customers and improve users satisfaction in small teams.

Mobility Service Nederland · December 2023 — June 2023

For the latest redesign of I performed an analysis in December to get the best practices of 7 national and international players above [cooling] water in the leasing industry. The table below shows frequently used functionalities and non-automatic anomalies. Based on the findings, I designed the Automotive Design System and published it to the Figma community and developed a mini website with Do and Don'ts in Framer.

Frontend developer

Experienced with CSS frameworks like Tailwind, Bootstrap, Foundation to deliver static templates in Blade, Twig, Smarty, Markdown/MDX. Created custom branded themes and interactive prototypes for further explorations and research testing. Likes working with NPM, Vite, Mix, Gulp, Grunt, SCSS.

KNWU & Triathlonbond · April 2019 — March 2022

Developed all the frontend scaffolding with HTML/Vue components for the sport federation platforms. Based on the developed Design System we created reusable Laravel components. With custom based Bootstrap styling custom theming for the cycling and triathlon federation was setup to use the different branding colors and fonts.

Con Amore · October 2022 — January 2023

Developed the static templates with the use of the latest Tailwind framework. Developed all the templates for the new onboarding section and courses page for the therapeutic organisation Con Amore. The new templates gives the user a concise summary of their courses and training products.

WordPress developer

As a WordPress specialist, I bring extensive experience in custom fields, Gutenberg integration, Gravity Forms and custom plugin development for API. I excel at building dynamic websites by leveraging flexible blocks, implementing custom forms with Stripe integration.

YAS Micro insurance · April 2019 — March 2022

For the new micro insurance service of YAS I developed a Partner & Events WordPress platform for partners to insure clients with a registration or payment form. With OTP (One Time Password) users can verify their account and register for a limited insurance for their cycling. With a API connection all the data is live synced into the YAS insurance database for legal purposes.

AfasieNet · October 2017 — January 2023

Designed and developed the WordPress website for the foundation AfasieNet, the place for everyone in Netherlands that wants to know about Aphasia or has to deal with it. AfasieNet is a platform dedicated to supporting people with aphasia, a communication disorder typically caused by brain injury or stroke. The organization aims to improve the quality of life for individuals living with aphasia, as well as their families and caregivers.

Abeco · June 2023 — July 2023

Development of the corporate website for the cleaning products wholesaler Abeco, with integration of WhatsApp, Exact Order Portal and LaPosta newsletter. With the personal touch, a small dedicated team Abeco helps companies with all their cleaning and service needs.

Laravel developer

Dreams in CRUD and did development and maintenance of high traffic websites, now my way around Laravel Nova, mail notifications with a SendGrid API and extensive use of Blade, Livewire and PEST testing.

Verhuisdieren · April 2019 — March 2022

Was part of the Laravel development team and developed new features, fixing bugs, optimizing speed, SEO and user experiences for more then 3 years. Used Blade templates with Alpine JS.

Heusinkveld · October 2017 — January 2023

Co-developed a Laravel application for the webshop of Heusinkveld, a race simulator hardware company with driving sticks and professional racing pedals. The orders were automatically imported via the WooCommerce webshop and could be bulk processed for getting the right shipment slip, shipment label and weekly pickup of +/- 250 boxes. With management of custom boxes, reporting of orders with graphs and a recall option with a PayPal integration to ensure a succesful service request.

KNWU & Triathlonbond · April 2019 — March 2022

Was part for the small development team and took care of the frontend scaffolding, maintenance of the kitchensink design system, bug fixing frontend issues and testing new features.

HubSpot developer

Designed and developed HubSpot landing pages optimized for desktop and mobile. Know my way around Site Modules and theming in HubSpot and created a main theme with the ability to create child themes and change colors and fonts with just 1 click.

Tremco CPG Group · April 2023

The Tremco CPG Group is a conglomerate of companies specialised in building panels, sealing and chemical products for construction companies. The marketing team asked me to design and develop a custom HubSpot theme with support for child themes, custom fonts and site modules. With the custom theme they are able to setup multiple different landingspages for one of the 12 companies and use specific branding.

E-commerce marketeer

In close contact with the management team we always developed platform with optimal SEO and smart notification strategies that strengthens the relationship with the users and keeps them in the loop. Just a welcome e-mail is not enough to keep users engaged.

Verhuisdieren · 2017 — 2022

One of the main projects was Verhuisdieren, with 4 million pageviews a month and sending out 40K e-mails a day with new matches for owners looking for a new pet. With a daily signup of +/- 300 users a day we improved the follow-up of notifications to inform, engage and let them know about the good cause of animal shelters.

Setup and execution of marketing campagnes for multiple organisaties with the use of MailChimp, SendGrid, Klaviyo and HubSpot with personalized dynamic content and Call to actions with responsive mail templates.

Product owner and tester

Usability-,unit- and acceptance testing for SaaS, websites and web applications. Experienced with agile/sprints/waterfall method in Atlassian products and automating tests with Pest (PHP Unit test).

Heusinkveld · 2017 — 2022

For the UPS Shipping Tool for the race simulator hardware company Heusinkveld I developed specific unit tests for testing new features and not introducing new bugs.

Open to Work

Hit me up for new challenges,

there's always a constructive role

and improving building your business.


Van Houtenlaan 198
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The Netherlands

Open to Work

Hit me up for new challenges,

there's always a constructive role

and improving building your business.


Van Houtenlaan 198
9722 GZ Groningen

The Netherlands